Picasso at the Met

Picasso show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, August 2010
Bust of a Man 1905

I like this little tiny one because it is tiny, like a baby….. in the glass. Uhhhhhhhh…… Nothing else.

The Blind Man's Meal 1903

I like that it is, is square and not circled.  It has cracks in it. Nothing else.

Standing Nude 1908

I like that, that, like that all that painting stuff and the middle looks like bird wings.

Standing Female Nude 1910

Well….. I like about that all those things look like sails and moons……All different kinds of moons.

Guitar and Clarinet on a Mantelpiece 1915

Do you know what I like about it? I like everything about it. The white part looks like teeth….  It almost looks like a monster. Well, I like the whole thing….

We should come back here sometimes and see this painting. {Clearly, this is a true favorite.}

Man With a Lollipop 1938

Well, what I like about this one is that his lollipop is green…..and he looks different than the black one.

Leeeeeetttt’s sssaaaaaay that it is a green coconut lollipop.

The Dreamer 1932

Well, what I like about this one is about there is flowers and a guy with a red nose, and he is laughing….  and the other guy’s face is going down.

Mandolin, Fruit Bowl, and Plaster Arm 1925

Well, what I like about it is I like that it kind of looks like one of my paintings, because there is a little face there………..

I want to do a piggy back ride.

Head of a Woman 1933

Welllll I like that it is all black, like when I do some prints with ink……Nothing else.

Portrait of a Woman After Lucas Cranach II 1958

What I like about it is I like… I like that it is square instead of circled, and it is like a person like how I do a person on my paintings. Something like that…  It even has a picture of it.

Do you like anything about this?

Artist Thinking of a fighting woman With a Musketeer, Cupid, and Small Characters 1968

Well, I like about she has a big….. She is a person and there is a handle on that thing and there are little cereal guys on the T.V….and nothing else.

Three Women 1968

Well, what I like about it is there are three people in it and I draw people sometimes.