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Gaia at Pawn Works in Chicago Special Preview

March 20, 2011

Miller at Pawn Works Chicago




The Night Before Super Moon

Gaia at Pawn Works Chicago 2

Well what I like about it is the eyes on it and the teeth and the wax dripping on the bottom…… Well…….. The only thing I like about it is the eyes, the teeth, and the wax dripping.

Miller checking out the detail

Daddy LOOK AT IT!!! It’s sooo coool.  LOOK!  it’s so drippy.

Miller sniffing the bees wax

MMMMMMM Daddy smell this, what is it?  (It’s bees wax buddy, it is the drippy stuff on Gaia’s piece).  MMMMMMMM don’t touch it daddy, you are not supposed to touch it.  STOP!! you’re gonna get in trouble.  (Daddy touched the bees wax).

Gaia's wheatpaste

Gaia at Pawn Works Chicago 4

This one looks like it is all old and… because, look at it…. it’s all grey.


I like about the bunny and the truck over there next to the dumpsters.

Gaia's wheatpaste 2

YES, thats what I like too.  That guy riding the bike right there looks like he is going to crash into the bird.  That’s so cool.

Gaia's wheatpaste

I like the cat one, he looks kind of crazy.

Gaia's work at Pawn Works Chicago

Miller with Gaia's work

I don’t have anything to say about this one…. I don’t like it so much.  (why?)  I just don’t….. where’s Nick?

Helmets at Pawn Works

Well, about the helmets…… How do they hang?

Gaia's Leftovers

Daddy, what’s that stuff over there…. it looks kind of cool just sitting there…. is it trash?

Enjoying some artsy conversation


I like about those street things, the giant photographs….. remember daddy.  Yes definitely about the helmets and the giant bunny with the wax dripping down.

It was a good show and I think other people should see the show…. What are you writing up there?





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