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Lauren Levato at Firecat Projects

June 28, 2011

Miller at Lauren Levato's show at Firecat Projects

Here is another short crit by the (soon to be ) 5 year old Miller Jackson.  The cookies were a big hit with him but I think he was coming down off of a long hard day.





From the Bodies of Dead Horses


I don’t know…….. what should we say about it?….. I don’t know what I like about it but I like it……….(long pause to examine the piece) Where are the bugs coming from?





Indiana on My Mind


Ummmmmm…. What I like about it is……. On the one side it is light and the other side it is dark……… What do you like about this one?







I like how they did the butterfly things…. How they made the butterfly wings…. They talked about making shoes, but I don’t know how they made the shoes.





Insect Jars


I really like these; I like that one…. the blue one.  Daddy, are there any moth wings in here?  Well I don’t know if those ones are moths or butterflies.  YES, my favorite one is about that wing.





Decapitated Stag


Ammmmmmmm….. I know that the bug that um that has arms are….. Looks like meeeeeeee during “You are My Sunshine” song.  I love this little heart thing (he is talking about a pin on my hat).  Daddy, how much have we already wrote?…. oh.






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