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Art Summer Camp 2012

February 24, 2012

This is an art camp like you’ve never seen before! It’s life sized! It’s in 3D! And it’s a completely new way to see, feel, listen and create within the artistic environment of Color Wheel Studio.

Color Wheel Studio was created to teach children about the principles of fine art and summer camp is no exception. Each week, we will study a famous painting and reproduce it as a large scale three-dimensional form. At the end of each camp week, friends and family will be invited to view our finished piece in a traditional gallery setting.

Here’s how your child will see things differently at Color Wheel Studio Art Camp:

  • To work, collaborate, and think as a team

  • To plan, develop, and work towards a finished product

  • To look at a two-dimensional form and translate it into a three-dimensional space

  • To develop problem solving skills

  • To have fun learning about and understanding art

  • To learn to see things differently

Ultimately, we will create an exact replica of the painting in a child’s life size format. The kids will learn about the artist as well as about the techniques used to create the original painting. They will discover the medium used and why the artist might have made the decisions they did in each specific painting. In developing these tactile skills, children will gain a better understanding of how to experience a piece of art with all of their senses.

And as always, art summer camps at Color Wheel Studio uses at least 95% recycled material.  How cool is that!

Art Camp 2012 is broken down into four one-week long sessions for children ages 5 and up

Space is limited to six children per session

You may sign up for just one session, or as many as you’d like

We offer a 10% discount if you sign up for two or more sessions

Each session is $300 with a 10% discount for siblings if applicable

Art Camp will be held every day, Monday through Friday from 10am to 1pm

One artist/painting will be discovered and reproduced each week

At the end of the last day of each session, we will host a gallery opening to share our completed piece


Camp one | June 25th through June 29th | Henri Matisse | Three pieces from JAZZ

To start our Summer camps off we begin with THREE pieces from Henri Matisse’s JAZZ series.  Created towards the end of his life, these, as well as his other cutouts, were known as some of his best and most creative work.  Although the original pieces are relatively small in size, Your child will turn these into EIGHT FOOT HIGH works of art.  Big and colorful is how I like to start this summer off.

Camp two | July 9th through July 13th | Alexander Calder | Starburst

Camp two brings us to Alexander Calder; FYI he invented the mobile.  One of my favorite artist, you can only smile when you see his work.  This camp is perfect for the younger artist; simple, big, bold, beautiful.  Larger than life shapes of color hovering in front of one another floats you to another world, your child is already there.

Camp three | July 23rd through July 27th | Joan Miro | Femme Et Oiseaux

Camp three we dive into the world of Joan Miro.  We had so much fun with him last year we had to try another; Femme Et Oiseaux (Woman with Birds).  Surrealism comes to life as we turn this wacky two dimentinal piece into a gigantic Three Dimensional world.  This is going to be one wild piece.

Camp four | August 6th through August 10th | Claude Monet | Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge

For our final camp we are taking on something big, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge.  Tranquil, serene, and one big project.  Even looking at it now I’m scratching my head but those tough projects always come out the best.  When this piece is finished it will be as if we are sitting on the bank with the sun on our face, a light breeze in the air, and nothing but the sound of birds and frogs to break the stillness in our mind.  I can’t wait.

Come to Color Wheel Studio and see what we’re all about. Learn to see things differently. We can’t wait to create with you.

For more information, please contact the studio directly at 773.661.1743 or visit our website at


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