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Field trip from Pulaski International School of Chicago

June 4, 2012

I had an AMAZING time here at Color Wheel Studio when all my Kindergarden friends from Pulaski International School of Chicago came to visit me for a field trip.  They got to view a lot of the weird and wacky artwork I do AND create some of their own.  We talked a lot about using our IMAGINATION and taking what seems to be nothing and turning it into something.  They each had a piece of paper with blobs or lines of color on it and their job as an artist was to find out what THEY saw in this mess of color.  With their imagination they came up with such beautiful pieces I had to post some here, I just wish I could of put all of them up.

Thank you 001, 002, & 003 for coming by and creating some art here at Color Wheel Studio.  I’ll see you all in the galleries.  -Donald




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