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Art Camp 2013 at Color Wheel Studio

March 12, 2013

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This is an art camp like you’ve never seen before! It’s life sized! It’s in 3D! And it’s a completely new way to see, feel, listen and create within the artistic environment of Color Wheel Studio.

Color Wheel Studio was created to teach children about the principles of fine art and summer camp is no exception. Each week, we will study a famous painting and reproduce it as a large scale three-dimensional form. At the end of each camp week, friends and family will be invited to view our finished piece in a traditional gallery setting.

Here’s how your child will see things differently at Color Wheel Studio Art Camp:

  • To work, collaborate, and think as a team

  • To plan, develop, and work towards a finished product

  • To look at a two-dimensional form and translate it into a three-dimensional space

  • To develop problem solving skills

  • To have fun learning about and understanding art

  • To learn to see things differently

Ultimately, we will create an exact replica of the painting in a child’s life size format. The kids will learn about the artist as well as about the techniques used to create the original painting. They will discover the medium used and why the artist might have made the decisions they did in each specific painting. In developing these tactile skills, children will gain a better understanding of how to experience a piece of art with all of their senses.

And as always, art summer camps at Color Wheel Studio uses at least 95% recycled material.  How cool is that!

Art Camp 2013 is broken down into four one-week long sessions for children ages 5 and up

Space is limited to six children per session

You may sign up for just one session, or as many as you’d like

We offer a 10% discount if you sign up for two or more sessions

Each session is $300 with a 10% discount for siblings if applicable

Art Camp will be held every day, Monday through Friday from 10am to 1pm

One artist/painting will be discovered and reproduced each week

At the end of the last day of each session, we will host a gallery opening to share our completed piece

Camp one| July 8th – July 12th| Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie”

Mondrian_Broadway_Boogie_Woogie  To start this art camp season off we are going to get a little abstract and a little New York.  This painting by Piet Mondrian was created in 1943, shortly after he moved to New Your in 1940.  Although most of the work he created was abstract, what made this one special and unique was the real life influences he used to create it. The grid of the Manhattan streets and the “boogie-woogie” music he loved to dance to.  Although the original piece is 50″x50″, let’s say we make this thing 8 feet by 8 feet!!!  Now we’re talkin’!

Camp 2| July 15th – July 19th |Pablo Picasso’s “Mandolin, Fruit Bowl, and Plaster Arm”

Mandolin, Fruit Bowl, and Plaster Arm 1925 Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973). MET  For our second camp we are going to dive right into some Picasso, that is, 1925 Picasso.  Cubist fruit, cubist instrument, and a cubist plaster arm.  What more could you want?  Although he did not invent cubism he was definitely know as the best at it.  Now, the weird thing here is, in cubism one of the objectives is to flatten the image but for the Color Wheel Studio art camps, we are going to take that image and make it 3D……. HMMMMMMM, we’re going to need a lot of brains for this one.

Camp 3| July 29th – August 2nd| Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” or “The Scream of Nature”

The_Scream.The Scream of Nature%22jpg  WOW!  Even if you know nothing at all about art, I bet you know this piece.  This piece exists in several forms, two pastels (this is a pastel), two paintings, and several lithographs.  The pastel piece we will be replicating was created in 1893 and is one of the most colorful pieces.  Now, it’s not a terribly big piece but by the time we are done with it, it will be HUGE and 3D.  People will hear this scream all the way in Wisconsin. I have a feeling this is going to be a lot of work….. can you hear me screaming HEEEEELLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

Camp 4| August 5th – August 9th| Pablo Picasso’s “Portrait of Jacqueline Roque With Her Hands Crossed”

portrait-of-jacqueline-roque-with-her-hands-crossed-1954  For our last piece of the summer we head back to Picasso.  Why?  Why not, the dude is awesome!  This is Jacqueline Roque, whom Picasso met in summer 1953 when his relationship with Francoise Gilot was coming to a gradual end, and whom he would marry in 1961.  This painting was created in 1954.  His private life aside, I’ve always loved this portrait.  Although 29 after our previous Picasso piece, we still have that beautiful cubist style that he worked and developed over many many years.  This is the piece I am very excited about.  Picture our beautiful Jacqueline, sitting on the studio floor, her gaze fixed for the long hours of modeling…… Now picture her SEVEN FEET TALL!  SITTING EVEN!!!  Now we have a model Color Wheel Studio style.  This is just going to be too cool…… HMMMMM what to do with a seven foot Jacqueline when the camp is over.

Come to Color Wheel Studio and see what we’re all about. Learn to see things differently. We can’t wait to create with you.

* Due to the popularity of the camps and the limited space, there are no refunds.  So PLEASE make sure the camp dates and times work with your schedule before you sign up, thank you.

For more information, please contact the studio directly at 773.661.1743 or visit our website at


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