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children’s classes


studio tot: the primary colors

RED: (2 to 3 year olds) This is the age when children start to explore the world around them: scribbles, tactile exploration, and cognitive development between seeing and doing are essential at this age.  The red class will focus on these aspects with a combination of drawing, painting, and other sensory adventures that will help develop their fine motor and spatial skills.  Parents will work along side their child to help guide them through the process and watch their confidence grow.

BLUE: (3 to 4 year olds) At this age, children are well on their way to expressing themselves both verbally and pictorially.  They assign people, places, and things to the marks they make and, at times, an entire story to go along with it.  This is truly the start of a wonderful journey that will open up new worlds to them.  The blue class will help develop these growing skills by allowing students greater freedom to explore a wide variety of materials.  Painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture are all aspects of the class as well as learning about color, line, and form. This class will build an important foundation the students will carry throughout their daily life.

YELLOW: (4 to 5 year olds) Students are now becoming aware of art and the act of creating.  During these years, they’ll start to build a vocabulary, work on listening skills, and develop a sense of reflection on the world around them.  In the yellow class, these young artists will continue to participate in painting, drawing, collage or sculpture techniques, ending the day with a friendly class critique of each child’s work.  This will help build their vocabulary and communication skills as well as strengthen their confidence.  A gentle introduction to art history will also be a part of the yellow class, as they begin to explore how other artists interpret the world around us.

studio kid: the secondary colors

GREEN: (5 to 6 year olds) The green class will begin the more advanced studies of color wheel studio. Students will be expected to keep an ongoing sketchbook throughout the workshop as they begin to learn how and why sketchbooks are used both in and out of the studio.  All topics from the primary classes will be reinforced to develop more critical skills and learn how to keep the creative momentum going.  These young artists will be given assignments each week which we will review together in class.

ORANGE: (6 to 8 year olds)Orange is a bit more structured than previous levels, as the students will begin to incorporate specific subject matter into their work.  At this age students have the capacity to follow instructions, have a better understanding of their feelings, and are learning to project their thoughts in an outwardly manner.   An exploration of their preferred medium will help build their skills and develop a critical artistic eye.  Students will begin to engage in creative discipline by working throughout the course on complex projects, culminating in a peer critique and gallery review at the end of the session.

studio master: the violet level

VIOLET: (8 to 12 year olds) Once your child has mastered the previous stages of the color wheel, it will be time for the advanced violet class. At this level, students are expected to keep an ongoing sketchbook, recording whatever images or thoughts they have throughout the week.  Each student will then apply their knowledge of color, line, and form to their collected experiences in order to create an expression of their daily life. Throughout the course we will hold interactive discussions about notable works of art, examining contemporary themes and styles, noting historical movements when appropriate. Arming each student with the ability to accurately describe a moment in his or her life through visual and verbal expression will instill a deep level of communicative confidence in your child.

open studio

OPEN STUDIO periods are an excellent introduction to color wheel studio. The open studio is a non-structured drop-in class that allows a young artist to learn by simply doing. Children of any age are encouraged to work at their own pace, either following along a guided lesson or simply trying their hand at something new and different. Materials will be provided at each work station in a variety of media. Younger children will find inspiration working alongside the more advanced students and the older children will have valuable time to work on developing their artistic skills at a level all their own.

All of our classes and workshops are supported by an ever expanding library of children’s books, artists’ monographs, and contemporary theoretical works. This art library is designed to encourage children of all ages and can be an important tool for inspiration. We invite you to make use of these valuable resources during all open hours of color wheel studio.

the details

Each class consists of 4 to 8 weekly sessions. Please see our calendar for a complete schedule. Parents are required to attend all red and blue workshops with their child. Parents must complete an enrollment form for each child prior to the beginning of the first class. Students are encouraged to dress comfortably, color wheel studio smocks will be provided on site.

Studio Tot : primary color workshops

  • 4 classes : $125
  • 8 classes : $245

Studio Kid : secondary color workshops

  • 4 classes : $145
  • 8 classes : $285

Studio Master violet workshops

  • 4 classes : $160
  • 8 classes : $310

a few loose ends

  • Open studio times are available on a drop-in basis throughout the week at a rate of $20 per hour.
  • Each class concludes with a brief clean-up period.
  • Pricing includes all supplies.

a personal note

Just a note, our summer schedule is a bit relaxed in order to accommodate your family travel plans.
In general,
color wheel studio will offer four or eight week consecutive sessions per class.

would you like to register your child for a class?

Please feel free to call the studio at 773-661-1743 or email us directly at We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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