classes: young adult

If you are between the ages of seven and ten

and are interested in classes at Color Wheel Studio



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young adult- intermediate

This class is for students ten and older who show an elevated level of artistic interest or talent. In order to participate in this class a portfolio review needs to be scheduled with the studio for evaluation. Things such as sketches or doodles speak volumes of a persons intent so there is no need to do or bring anything elaborate.

At this level, students are expected to keep an ongoing sketchbook, recording whatever images or thoughts they have throughout the week. They will learn what a sketchbook is used for as well as the myriad of types that exist. They will develop a strong foundation of color and line theory, learn to render three dimensional objects and start to develop their understanding of abstract thinking. They will start to think like an artist.

Although all parts of an art education are essential, my favorite and most important is learning about mental blocks or “walls”. What they are, how to identify them and how you get past them. This understanding not only applies to the arts but to every aspect of life.

Throughout the course we will hold interactive discussions about notable works of art, examining contemporary themes and styles, noting historical movements when appropriate. Arming each student with the ability to accurately describe a moment in his or her life through visual and verbal expression will instill a deep level of communicative confidence in your child.

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young adult- advanced

In order to participate in this class you must have satisfactorily completed the concepts and understandings taught in the intermediate class. There are no exceptions.

This is where students learn how to develop their own artistic language built upon the understandings and concepts taught in the intermediate class. Although more freedom is given here, the critiquing and expectations are more intense. This class leads to entering into any of the High School Fine Art Academies and onto further education in the arts.

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