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adult- private

The private adult classes are an excellent way to develop your own professional work (as professional as you would like to be). The class is one hour long and can be held at Color Wheel Studio or at your own private studio. The HUGE advantage to this private class is the personal critiquing of your work. This is invaluable professional information that is extremely difficult to find outside of academia. Most of my private adult classes continue on for many years.

The only day I do private classes are on MONDAYS and a time slot with a four week minimum is required. You will need to contact the studio for available time slots. Because there are only so many hours in a day there is no rescheduling. PLEASE DO NOT MISS A CLASS THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!

The cost for this one hour class is $240 for the four weeks ($60 hr.). If I have to drive to your studio there will be a $10 charge (x4) that is $40 so the cost for the four weeks will be $280. If it is in acceptable walking distance there is no charge.

You are expected to have your own materials.

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adult- group

If you do not need my undivided attention and love working around others then the adult group class is for you. This class is also $60 but it is TWO HOURS LONG. Also requiring a four week minimum. In this class I am teaching you all the basics and fundamentals, basically all the stuff I teach to my young adults. I teach everyone to their own ability so no matter how bad or how good you think you are, this will be a challenging class for you.

Materials are supplied (we do a lot of drawing)

This class is only taught on MONDAYS from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. There is no rescheduling. PLEASE DO NOT MISS A CLASS THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!


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