Color Wheel Studio Virtual Pod Class

Hello and welcome to the Color Wheel Studio Virtual Pod Class. A virtual adjunct to the Color Wheel Studio for POD and MICRO SCHOOL arts education. The CWS-PC is a half hour (30 min.) remote class for your individual Pod ( up to six children ) that meets once a week at the same scheduled time and is charged monthly to your Pod’s coordinator. 

Through ZOOM or Google Meet your Pod will be engaged with a Socratic method of art education that entails critical thinking projects, art history, color theory and group critique among many other things. For thirty minutes once a week, eighth grade students, 13-14 years old, up to seniors in High School, will be immersed in a comprehensive curriculum that utilizes the positives of remote learning rather than fighting against its limitations to gain a knowledge and experience with art that they will utilize throughout their life. 

Color Wheel Studio has been a specialized Art learning center for the past ten years the city of Chicago and is a world renowned Fine Art Institution. Created by Artist and Developmental Neuroscientist Donald Jackson, his teaching methods are designed to develop thought and understanding by fostering critical thinking and Socratic discussions. Donald has established a unique collaboration of Art and Brain Science culminating in the hyper-development in the capacities of understandings for MATH, SCIENCE, and LANGUAGE. 

The Color Wheel Studio has been around for ten years now and has worked with hundreds of students from age two all the way through adult. Donald has a full school year curriculum already developed and time tested for your Pod’s artistic and all encompassing enrichment. 

Your Pod can now be included in Color Wheel Studio’s history through this unique medium and acquire an education that otherwise may not of happened if it were not for these changing times. 

Art will always adapt. 


How to sign your Pod or Micro School up for the CWS-PC

1.) E-mail the studio at Donald@TheColorWheelStudio.com telling me a little bit about your Pod such as grade level, number of children, and what available time slot you would like ( please refer to the schedule for availability ).

2.) Please ask any questions you may have.

3.) Once payment is received I will send you an e-mail confirming the time slot with an outline of what to expect during our first class meeting as well as answering any questions you have asked.  

PLEASE REMEMBER! Your time slot is for your Pod only and is strictly adhered to. If your Pod misses a class it will resume the following week. If your Pod misses three (3) scheduled class times your Pod will be canceled. Please do not miss your scheduled class THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.



The monthly tuition, with a three month commitment for a Pod or Micro-School is $600 for up to six (6) children. With six children in your Pod, that breaks down to $25 per child per week. Tuition is due by the 1st. of each month.


Students will work with what they have. If the students in your Pod have traditional art materials feel free to use them. The online work and assignments that will be given will not be focused on expensive art materials.


There are a few ways that the tuition payment can happen.

1.) Chase QuickPay with Zelle.




3.) Contact the studio with credit card information.